Review Policy

Dear Authors, I would be happy to receive your  book in exchange for the honest review of mine:) There are a few things you should know, before sending me review request:

My preferred genres are:

• Young Adult

• Romance

• Fantasy

• Dystopian

• Science – fiction

• Horror

Genres I won’t be reviewing:

• Non-fiction

• Religion

How I rate books:

The maximal rating is 5 stars and the minimal is 1 star.

5 stars – I loved everything about this book: writing style, storyline and characters! Want to reread it sometime in the future!Highly recommend it!

4 stars – I liked the book, but I can’t say that I loved it as there were several flaws. But I still recommend it!

3 stars –  I can’t say I liked or disliked this book  as I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes I wanted to put it down as it got boring..

2 stars – I disliked this book. It was too boring.

1 star – Hated this book. Bad writing and uninteresting storyline.

Note: I have never given book 1 or 2 stars , because I think that someone tried very hard to write the book and it would be graceless to give book this little amount of stars.

Formats I accept:

• Physical copy (preferred)

• E-book (mobi or epub)

Note: I do not accept audio books

I also accept ARCs & indie/self-published books

How I review books:

1. Book & author

2. My rating

3. Short review by me & personal opinion

4. Favourite quotes (if there were any) & excerpts from the book (which demonstrate the beautiful writing)

If you are interested I can also promote your book in giveaway, cover or excerpt reveal & author-interview 🙂

Thanks for your attention!:)

If you want me to review your book, e-mail me on or check Contact Me page! 🙂


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